Please contact pkuaa.ne@gmail.com if you are willing to sponsor our association. 


One-time donations could be sent via checks or PayPal. Please contact pkuaa.ne@gmail.com for donation invoice and/or receipt. The donation receipt may help you or your company in tax deduction.

  • Checks

Pay for: PKUAANE
Mail to: P.O. Box 380875, Cambridge, MA 02238

  • PayPal

(If using PayPal, please make sure you are choosing "Pay to Friends/Family", or fees would apply)

  • Amazon Smile

作为501.c3 非盈利组织,PKUAANE 联手亚马逊Amazon共同为公益活动筹款。欢迎校友们在Amazon购物前点击smile.amazon.com选择"Peking University Alumni Association of New England Inc", 收入的0.5%会被Amazon用来资助PKUAANE未来的活动。设置后也要通过smile.amazon.com购买才有效哦。